Hiyaaa, I'm currently situated downstairs which equals my own computer is upstairs, and that means I'm blogging from my family's computer (which doesn't have the Swedish keyboard) which leads us to my point, that's the reason this is in English haha. I've had a good week, a lot's been going on and I can't remember anything really hahaha no surprise there. Since homeco is coming up, there was a lot of stressing about proposals, dresses, boys, girls and float at school this week, which drives me absolutely crazy to be honest lol. I luckily already have my dress so no stressing about that anymore. On Friday, me, Selena, Katelyn, Cody and Steven helped Anish out asking Megan to homeco, haha basically it all turned out okay but getting there was a bit unsuccessful haha. We did a scavanger hunt for her around Livermore and lastly she was lead to Anish who was up in the hills waiting for her, when we came to this point it was super dark and windy though haha so it wasn't very graceful. She said yes though so yaaaaay! She literally said yes and two minutes later she had to leave to babysit, so me, Selena and the boys went to get chinese food downtown. After that we just went to Steven's house and chilled the rest of the night. Yesterday, on Saturday, I had a soccer game at like 12:30 and after that we just got home and chilled for a while before going out for dinner & bowling with the fam and Addie's godmother. The night was fun! Today we got up early-ish and drove over to a hospital in Manteca to see my hostcousin, whose foot isn't doing too well. We hung out with him a while before having to drive back to Livermore because A had a birthday party and the 49ers had a game so obviously that was the priority (duh). Me and papa Scottie just got back from Safeway because we're having a bbq tonight so we got all stuff for thaaaat. 

Tomorrow I have school bright and early and probably float practise at some point too. Oh and soccer practise aswell actually. Hope you're all well wherever you are, xoxo

Comments of the week: "So, do you speak a different language?" "Do you have cows in Finland?" "Are you like a viking?" "Do you have butterflies in Finland?"  "Do you have black people in Finland?"  "Say hi to Mia she's from Switzerland." "Is everyone tall in Finland?" 

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